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Monday, November 13, 2006


Degrassi is a band from Scotland. I found them via another Scottish band, Idlewild. Idlewild had split with their bass player, Bob Fairfoull, who then went on to play guitar with Degrassi. Prior to his joining, Degrassi had released an e.p. entitled Terminal Ocean. I bought said e.p. just out of curiosity, to see what they sounded like. I was expecting them to sound similar to early Idlewild since the reason Fairfoull left was because he didn't like the direction Idlewild was taking. Much to my surprise, they didn't sound anything like Idlewild. There were more of a straight forward indie guitar band (whatever the means). A few of their songs had a bit of shoegazer characteristics as well.

I've included 3 songs from the Terminal Ocean e.p.: No Tracks in the Snow, Terminal Ocean, and Emerald City, and 1 song from the follow-up e.p., The Form: Cabin Fever (<---that's the one I think is the most shoegazery).


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