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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Inner Sleeve/Televise

Both Televise and Inner Sleeve feature probably my favorite shoegazer drummer, Simon Scott. Scott initially drummed in The Charlottes and then, most notably, in Slowdive. As a drummer, Simon Scott was beyond great. He was incredible. His studio recordings with Slowdive are nothing compared to his live performances. (Go download a Slowdive bootleg if you don't believe me.)

When he left Slowdive, he went on (a few years later) to form a band called Inner Sleeve. At this point, he had switched from drums to guitar. Inner Sleeve released a few singles and a full length. By this point, most of the shoegazer bands from the early 90's had either changed their sound (Ride, Slowdive>>Mojave 3, Lush) or just completely broke up (Adorable). Inner Sleeve, however, kept the shoegazer sound alive. Unfortunately, Inner Sleeve's longevity was not to be and Simon Scott went on to be the drummer of Lowgold. Recently, Simon Scott has come back as a front band with his new band, Televise. And once again, Scott has returned to his shoegazer roots.

I've uploaded 2 songs from Inner Sleeve and 3 songs from Televise. From Inner Sleeve's, Looking Up, are Come Alive and Smile. Smile later went on to become a Televise song. From Televise's Songs to Sing in A & E, Outside Out, I Don't Know Why, and their cover of Ultra Vivid Scene's Mercy Seat. With both bands, the neo-psychedelic sound is present. As are the effects laden guitars. Both bands also show that Simon Scott is not only an awesome drummer but a great songwriter as well. Televise show a lot of potential and here's hoping that they make it to the States for a show or two!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice! great blog! hope to see more shoegaze posts. like those from claire records. y'know mahogany , con dolore , isobella , secret shine.

9:56 PM, November 09, 2006  

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