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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The U-Turns "The Death of Garage Rock"

Oh man, what to say about this one? This is officially my favorite record. All I can say is, "Never Mind the Shaggs, Here's The U-Turns!"

The story behind this Norton Records release is that it's an unreleased 1967 demo recording of some unknown band from Glendale (possibly, in California) doing their renditions of Love's "7 and 7 Is", The Stones' "Get Off of My Cloud", The Beatles' "I'm Down", and The Kinks' "Dedicated Follower of Fashion". This whole thing is a trainwreck. The singer is totally off key and out of sync with the music. The drummer can barely keep a beat. It's fucking hilarious. My two favorite parts are where you can clearly hear the singer telling the band during the Stones song, "Come on, louder!" and then yelling at the drummer at the end of the Beatles' cover, "Yo stop! Hey!" And then somebody else yelling, "Why didn't you tell him?!?!" This thing is really a gem because it's so awful. Take a listen to this diasterpiece.

The U-Turns "The Death of Garage Rock"


Anonymous Peecat said...

The U-Turns rock! I love this kind of stuff. Thanks for turning me onto it.

8:05 PM, November 09, 2006  
Blogger tuohyforever said...

Found this excellent blog via your fenton posting. That was excellent and much appreciated. Can you reload this as it sounds just as good.

Thanks in advance

3:09 PM, July 25, 2007  
Blogger scumfactor said...

here you go.

9:49 PM, July 25, 2007  

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