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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Choons!

I like Christmas music. Not necessarily the traditional Bing Crosby, Irving Berlin, Burl Ives Christmas music. But I do like some good musical holiday cheer. I know I suffer from some mild form of SAD (seasonal affect disorder) so some cool Christmas music cheers me up and makes me laugh a little.

So here's 21 Christmas songs that I really like. Quite a few of the artists/bands below I don't even like otherwise (example: New Found Glory and Travis) but these songs are cool. Maybe you've heard some of them, maybe you haven't. Some are old school classics. Some are more contemporary. Some are covers of well-known songs. Some are completely original. Either way, enjoy.

Ride Like a Snowflake--originally from a super limited tour-only single. a seasonal take on their song, Like a Daydream

Velocity Girl Merry Christmas, I Love You

The Pretenders 2000 Miles

Travis River--cover of a Joni Mitchell tune

Prince and the Revolution Another Lonely Christmas--probably one of my favorite, most depressing Prince songs ever

The Wandering Step Christmas at My House

The Darkness Christmastime (Don't Let the Bells End)--it's cheesy but it rocks

The Sonics Don't Believe in Christmas

New Found Glory Ex-Miss--i don't like NFG at all but this is a nice, fun, i-hate-my-ex song

The Pogues Fairytale of New York--one word: CLASSIC

Everclear Hating You For Christmas

Elastica I Wanna Be the King of the Orient-Uh

Devil Dogs I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Blink 182 I Won't Be Home for Christmas

Snow Patrol When I Get Home for Christmas

Band Aid Do They Know It's Christmas? (Trevor Horn Remix)--You know the song, but have you ever heard the extended remix of it?

Darlene Love Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)--i had to throw in at least one Phil Spector song in this mix

Cast of Family Guy A Family Guy Christmas--one of THEE best Christmas songs ever

Richard Cheese Christmastime is Here--a hilarious loungey take on the Charlie Brown Christmas classic

Fear Fuck Christmas--nuff said

Tenacious D vs. Sum 41 Things I Want--i'm not a fan of either band but this song is pretty funny

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