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Monday, December 04, 2006

Green Fuz "Green Fuz/There is a Land" 7" Single

A buddy of mine played me this Green Fuz reissue 7" a few years back and I was finally able to secure a copy of my own. The Green Fuz were an obscure garage rock band from Texas. As far as I know this was their sole release. It's a nice piece of fuzz guitar rock. What can I say about the A-side? Musically, it rocks your balls but the lyrics are super cheesy. The lyrics kinda kill it because they're so cheesy. The B-side, however, is the real bonus here. Take a listen to the lyrics and you'll realize that it is of WTF proportions. Something about some guy finding out that from his mom an old man he's known all his life is actually his father. All this AND a strange ballad-y musical backing track. WTF indeed.

Green Fuz
Green Fuz/There is a Land


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A rfipping song, and you're right about the b-side - I'd not heard it before. Green Fuz are actually playing at the Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans during Jazz Festival this year!


4:49 PM, January 30, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Les Dale and I wrote the Green Fuz. My best friend R.E. (Buck) Houchins wrote There Is A Land. I have to agree with you it is a good story song. The song should have gotten more air play. We did play at the Stomp in New Orleans last month and it was really good to be out with band again after all these years. Look for some new stuff to be out in the fall one song will be " Back From the Ashes"

1:19 PM, May 19, 2008  

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