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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Hybirds "Take You Down" e.p.

The Hybirds were a short-lived band from the late 90's. Short-lived and obscure because nobody knew who they were. They released 4 e.p.'s and a full-length before calling it a day. Their songs varied from Oasis Dadrock to Stooges pre-punk to Who arena rock. After they called it quits, Richard Warren went on to form Echoboy.

This was their debut e.p. on Heavenly Records. It's another one of my all-time favorite e.p.'s. Take You Down is pretty much a primer on Britpop. Seventeen is the best song Paul Weller and The Jam never wrote. Reeling is reminiscent of Village Green Kinks. Peter Take Me Down is practically an outtake from Definitely Maybe. And The Only Ones is The Stooges fronted by Liam Gallagher.


Anonymous syed druglord said...

hey hey! i'm the same guy who posted on the Soda blog you had. I'm looking for the song "24" by The Hybirds. can't find it anywhere. If you have it, could email me it at thanks!---syed druglord

9:53 AM, August 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear musique blogger

i was delighted to find an appreciation of the hybirds magnificent "take you down" e.p.
i saw them supporting paul weller at an open-air gig in hyde park one summer around 1997 and bought the cd straight away. it has been a great favourite ever since. personally i don't like "seventeen" much -- "i am lonely, lonely am i" is not a great lyric, is it? but the other 3 tracks are all terrific. the kinks of the north. why did they never make it?

2:58 AM, July 24, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was actually Victoria park where they supported Paul Weller and it turned out to be their last ever gig. Richard gave me a copy of his first Echoboy release that day - Flashlegs, it's also got a Hybirds song called drifting on it too. They had played it a few times live but it wasn't on the album.
shame they split up when they did but I think richard went onto better things in Echoboy.

7:52 AM, August 01, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive got the Hybirds album on Vinal completely signed from the band! I was their photographer when the band was on tour in the South in the 90's

6:18 AM, November 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that one 'snoozingphil' has now put several Hybirds tracks up on Youtube. Well worth a listen.

7:22 PM, March 01, 2009  

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