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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Foo Fighters "Live at Hyde Park 2006"

This is an audio rip of the Foo Fighters' Live at Hyde Park DVD. It came out last year in conjunction with their live acoustic album, Skin and Bones.(Note: this is just the Hyde Park electric set and not the acoustic set.) For some reason, however, the DVD of the electric set wasn't released in the States (probably because of licensing problems since Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen and Lemmy from Motorhead make appearances). In the UK, the DVD was released as a two disc set with both electric and acoustic sets.

Since I only consider myself a casual Foos fan, I have never seen them in concert before. However, listening (and watching) this video, it shows that they are a hell of a band in concert. Dave Grohl is a great frontman. Without being cliche', the show really is electricfying. Take a listen to this if you don't believe me.

Foo Fighters Live at Hyde Park

in your honour
all my life
best of you
times like these
learn to fly
shake your blood (with Lemmy from Motorhead)
stacked actors
my hero
monkey wrench
tie your mother down (with Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen)


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