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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Rip Offs - European Tour Single 2007

It took me a while to get finally get this. But then again, I wasn't exactly actively looking for it. This is the super limited European reunion tour single from The Rip-Offs. The Rip-Offs were a band from San Francisco who played lo-fi punk rock before it was cool to play lo-fi punk rock. Back in the day, they released a handful of one-sided singles (three, to be exact). They soon became a cult favorite. They broke up in '95 (I think). Anyway, they decided to do a short reunion tour in Europe last year (all of 10 dates) and had Squoodge Records press up this tour single to commemorate the event. There were 650 copies pressed with 150 of them pressed on clear vinyl with an exclusive individually numbered cover. The three tracks on this one sided single are live versions of three songs off their full length record (Got a Record).

Fed Up
She Said Yeah

The Rip Offs: European Tour Single 2007


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