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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DIRTBOMBS Need You Tonight/Devil Inside

When the Dirtbombs toured Australia last month to promote their new album, We Have You Surrounded, they released a tour only single that had 2 covers from INXS. The Dirtbombs have always made covers their own and this pair is no exception. They're straightforward yet different at the same time. I'm actually surprised that they covered not one but 2 songs from Kick. I would have thought they would choose something like Original Sin or The One Thing. Regardless, I'm glad I was able to get a hold of one of these singles and not have to pay up the ass for it. People were paying upwards of $60 for it eBay when they could have gotten it directly from the label for a fraction of the cost. Do a little research people. Anyway, here it is.

Need You Tonight
Devil Inside



The soundtrack to a classic punk rock documentary. It was supposed to be released on DVD a few years back but I'm sure director Penelope Spheeris is running into licensing issues.

I recently found a sealed vinyl copy of the soundtrack and I couldn't pass it up (even though I have the movie on, of all things, laserdisc. I really should do an audio transfer of the actual movie soundtrack because there are more songs. (And includes the FULL onstage banter from Fear -- my favorite part of the movie and possibly THE greatest audience baiting in musical history.) Tracklisting is as follows

"White Minority" – Black Flag
"Depression" – Black Flag
"Revenge" – Black Flag
"Manimal" – The Germs
"Underground Babylon" – Catholic Discipline
"Beyond And Back" – X
"Johny Hit And Run Paulene" – X
"We're Desperate" – X
"Red Tape" – Circle Jerks
"Back Against The Wall" – Circle Jerks
"I Just Want Some Skank" – Circle Jerks
"Beverly Hills" – Circle Jerks
"Gluttony" – The Bags
"I Don't Care About You" – Fear
"I Love Livin' In The City" – Fear
"Fear Anthem" – Fear