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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Wandering Step "Right Now, It's..."

I came upon The Wandering Step via The Coral. TWS put out one vinyl 7" single on the label that The Coral were on, Deltasonic. That single, Right Now, It's The Wandering Step, was a slice of garage power pop. You could have sworn they were American. The A-side, I Want to Go to Reyjavik, could have been a Cars outtake. While the flipside, Shout and Shout Back, just makes you wanna get up and DANCE!

Sadly, The Wandering Step broke up last year. (Although, three of them have now formed The Neerlymen)


I just realized that most of the links for the blog entries from early November are dead. This was inevitable since I don't have my own webspace so I have to use third party websites to upload the music. From here on out, I'll be using Megaupload for the uploads. Those links last at least 30 days before completely expiring. In the meantime, if there are any songs from the older blogs that you would like uploaded, leave a comment and I'll re-upload the tunes. Thanks.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled music blog.

Mono "Lost in Emotion" (from The Eye)

Brainwashed is sort of an underground music news/info website. The Eye is a weekly video feature on the website with interviews and live footage of really cool bands/artists. Some footage of The Eye has been made available on DVD. Here is their footage Japanese post-rock band, Mono, from 2004. It features a pretty cool (and, at times, pretty funny) interview with guitarist Taka. (The language barrier can be really funny.) As well as live footage of Mono.

This particular DVD (which also includes footage of Mogwai) is still available on the website. If you like it, go to their wesbite and buy it.

The file will play in all current versions of Quicktime and iTunes.
mp4 Video 150MB

Mogwai "Happy Songs for Happy People" EPK

This is the electronic press kit for Mogwai's Happy Songs for Happy People album. It was previously available on a promo DVD sent out at the time of the album's release. The EPK includes portions of Mogwai's still uneleased tour movie, Take Me Somewhere Nice. Mogwai were supposed to be in the process of putting together a full length DVD but I believe the project is on hold because of the lack of good footage. This (and the Mr. Beast DVD) is probably the best we're gonna get from them for now.

I believe you can stream the video on the Matador Records website but this is decent quality mp4 video version of it. (I wanted to put it on my iPod so I ripped the DVD and converted it.) Enjoy.

The file will play in all current versions of Quicktime and iTunes.
mp4 Video File 27MB

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Choons!

I like Christmas music. Not necessarily the traditional Bing Crosby, Irving Berlin, Burl Ives Christmas music. But I do like some good musical holiday cheer. I know I suffer from some mild form of SAD (seasonal affect disorder) so some cool Christmas music cheers me up and makes me laugh a little.

So here's 21 Christmas songs that I really like. Quite a few of the artists/bands below I don't even like otherwise (example: New Found Glory and Travis) but these songs are cool. Maybe you've heard some of them, maybe you haven't. Some are old school classics. Some are more contemporary. Some are covers of well-known songs. Some are completely original. Either way, enjoy.

Ride Like a Snowflake--originally from a super limited tour-only single. a seasonal take on their song, Like a Daydream

Velocity Girl Merry Christmas, I Love You

The Pretenders 2000 Miles

Travis River--cover of a Joni Mitchell tune

Prince and the Revolution Another Lonely Christmas--probably one of my favorite, most depressing Prince songs ever

The Wandering Step Christmas at My House

The Darkness Christmastime (Don't Let the Bells End)--it's cheesy but it rocks

The Sonics Don't Believe in Christmas

New Found Glory Ex-Miss--i don't like NFG at all but this is a nice, fun, i-hate-my-ex song

The Pogues Fairytale of New York--one word: CLASSIC

Everclear Hating You For Christmas

Elastica I Wanna Be the King of the Orient-Uh

Devil Dogs I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Blink 182 I Won't Be Home for Christmas

Snow Patrol When I Get Home for Christmas

Band Aid Do They Know It's Christmas? (Trevor Horn Remix)--You know the song, but have you ever heard the extended remix of it?

Darlene Love Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)--i had to throw in at least one Phil Spector song in this mix

Cast of Family Guy A Family Guy Christmas--one of THEE best Christmas songs ever

Richard Cheese Christmastime is Here--a hilarious loungey take on the Charlie Brown Christmas classic

Fear Fuck Christmas--nuff said

Tenacious D vs. Sum 41 Things I Want--i'm not a fan of either band but this song is pretty funny

69MB ZIP file

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Ramones "It's Alive"

In 1977, after the Ramones released their third album, Rocket to Russia, they toured the UK. They played a show at the Rainbow Theatre on New Year's Eve. The show was recorded (and filmed) and the album, It's Alive, was released in 1979. It's Alive is THE definitive live Ramones album. Forget all the later live albums from the 90's. This was the Ramones at their best. Loud, fast, and snotty. The original line-up blazing through 28 songs in just under 55 minutes. The ZIP file for download has the entire album they way it originally appeared on vinyl--4 sides. Tracklisting is as follows:


Rockaway Beach
Teenage Lobotomy
Blitzkrieg Bop
I Wanna Be Well
Glad to See You Go
Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
You're Gonna Kill That Girl

I Don't Care
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
Havana Affair
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Surfin' Bird
Cretin Hop

Listen to My Heart
California Sun
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
Do You Wanna Dance?
Chain Saw
Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World

I Wanna Be a Good Boy
Judy Is a Punk
Suzy Is a Headbanger
Let's Dance
Oh Oh I Love Her So
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
We're a Happy Family


Soda was another short lived Britpop band from the mid-90's. As far as I know, they only put out 3 singles. I first read about them when they released their debut single, The Young Own The Town. It was around the time when there were a lot of New Wave/punky type bands coming out of the UK and the review I read made it sound like the best single ever. Unfortunately, I was never able to get a hold of the single at the time. This was pre-online ordering days and none of the shops near me carried the single. When their second single, Inside, was released, I made it a point to pre-order it and I was able to get a copy. Soda sound like an alternate version of Menswear (who I liked as well) so I wasn't disappointed at all. I was able to get a used copy of TYOTT years later and it was, indeed, a great glam punk single. Unfortunately, Soda's third single, Dragging You Into My Dreams, wasn't all that great and from there, they faded into obscurity. But their first two singles are worth a listen...

The Young Own The Town
ZIP file

The Devil Dogs "Blue Moon of Kentucky/Radio Beat" 7" Single

This is one of my favorite singles from The Devil Dogs. Blue Moon of Kentucky is a (high speed) cover of a classic country song (also covered by Elvis Presley) while Radio Beat is a Devil Dogs original also found on their e.p. Choad Blast. Both are some of the BEST contemporary rock n roll songs ever. This single is one of the last things that the Devil Dogs released before they called it a day. Sadly, this band NEVER received their due even though half the bands in the "garage rock n roll" scene owe a lot to them.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Velocity Girl

I first got into Velocity Girl when I read in a magazine that they were the "American My Bloody Valentine." When I finally was able to track down something from them I was a little disappointed. I was expecting to sound like Loveless, which they did not. Apart from a few bursts of shoegazer-esque noise on a few songs, they were just a regular indie band. However, I realized that, despite the wrong initial description, they were still a very good band and I was able to appreciate their music.

I've uploaded 5 "rare" songs from Velocity Girl:

Tales of Brave Aphrodite is from a Simple Machines comp called Fortunate Cookie Prize.

Creepy is the b-side to their first (non split-)single on Sub Pop, Crazy Town.

Warm/Crawl is from their split single with Tsunami from the Sub Pop singles club.

Seven Seas is a cover of the classic Echo and the Bunnymen song while Breaking Lines is VG's take on The Pastels single. Both songs are from a single on Heaven Records.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Experimental Audio Research/The Plasmodian World of Cantaloupe and Bolles

This was a limited edition vinyl picture disc split e.p. from Experimental Audio Research (aka EAR aka Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3/Spectrum) and The Plasmodian World of Cantaloupe and Bolles (featuring Don Bolles, ex-drummer from The Germs). I'm a big fan of EAR so I bought it for their track. Basically, both tracks are "soundscapes." The Cantaloupe/Bolles track is a little more narrative than EAR piece. If you're into straight up ambient soundscapes then you'll like this. It's pretty cool chill music.

Experimental Audio Research "Sound for Pan-Optikon"

The Plasmodian World of Cantaloupe and Bolles "Everywhere Hush Tube (Meow Mix)"

Busted "Busted"

I only got into Busted this year. Too bad they broke up about 2 years ago! All it took was listening to this album and I was a fan.

I don't listen to the radio all that much so I'm not exposed to as much mainstream music as others, which, for the most part, is a really good thing. I don't imagine that I'm missing much, really. But every so often I get into something mainstream. Like really mainstream. I was into the Spice Girls. I was into Hear'Say. Like I said, it didn't take much for me to be converted. They were a boy band, yes. But they also wrote some really infectious pop songs. Believe me, you will sing along to these tunes once you hear them. This is the US only compilation of their recorded output, collecting the all their singles and a few album tracks.

Sadly, Busted called it quits after two albums. But they've branched out into two really good bands, Fightstar and Son of Dork. Both bands are great. If you like hard rock with metal stylings, check out Fightstar. If you like a little pop punk, check out Son of Dork.


air hostess
what i go to school for
crashed the wedding
teenage kicks
she wants to be me
you said no
thunderbirds are go
who's david
year 3000
sleeping with the light on
falling for you

Lou Reed "All Tomorrow's Dance Parties"

This one is really interesting. These are four pre-pre-Velvet Underground Lou Reed recordings. The first two songs were solo songs that he had recorded while he was in college in 1962. According to the liner notes, these were his very first lead vocal recordings. The second pair of songs are of Reed's high school "band", The Jades. Lou doesn't sing on The Jades songs. He just plays guitar.

The e.p. title is no misnomer. These songs are far from his later drug-inspired rock songs. All four songs, however, are really good pop songs. Kinda cheesy. But cheesy enough to be cool. I mean, c'mon, it's Lou Reed. The guy who wrote Heroin. So it still rules.


Your Love
Merry Go Round

So Blue

Leave Her For Me

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Coral "The Coral"

I found The Coral while I was listening to Virgin Radio online. They played the song Goodbye and it reminded me of old The Moody Blues. It was a pretty beat/garagey song. I went out and got said single, like it and its b-sides and went and got the album. It turned out to be one of my top albums of the year. It's not your usual "Britpop" album. Like I said, it's more 60s garagey/psych/blues than anything else. It doesn't even sound like it was made in the 21st century. Skeleton Key is the long lost bastard child of Captain Beefheart. I Remember When is something that The Electric Prunes could have easily recorded. It's actually sort of surprising that Ian Broudie (of The Lightning Seeds fame) produced this awesome record. Their three follow-up albums have not touched upon the excellence of this album but they've still remained an out-of-step band in the UK music scene.


Spanish Main
I Remember When
Shadows Fall
Dreaming Of You
Simon Diamond
Waiting For The Heartaches
Skeleton Key
Bad Man
Calendars And Clocks

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones (the 60s band from Australia and NOT the emo punk band from the States) were a band I found out about via INXS. They had done a cover of The Loved One as one of their early singles and it was my one of my favorite INXS songs. I decided to search for the original version. At around the same time, I was getting into a lot of 60s garage rock so when I found an original copy of The Loved Ones e.p., it was like finding two treasures at the same time.

The Loved Ones released a handful of singles in the mid 60s, which were then compiled on their sole album, The Magic Box. The broke up soon afterwards. They reunited for a tour in 1987 before laying the band to rest. Their singer, Gerry Humphreys, died in December 2005.

I've included three songs (in a ZIP file) here. The original The Loved One, its b-side Ever Lovin' Man, and another single, Sad Dark Eyes. The original Loved One is less bluesy than the INXS cover. Ever Lovin' Man (which was, unfortunately, covered recently by that awful AC/DC cover band, Jet) precedes Led Zeppelin by like 8 years (you'll get that when you hear it). And Sad Dark Eyes is sort of I Put a Spell on You meets House of the Rising Sun. Gerry Humphreys' vocal work is nothing short of awesome on these songs.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Degrassi is a band from Scotland. I found them via another Scottish band, Idlewild. Idlewild had split with their bass player, Bob Fairfoull, who then went on to play guitar with Degrassi. Prior to his joining, Degrassi had released an e.p. entitled Terminal Ocean. I bought said e.p. just out of curiosity, to see what they sounded like. I was expecting them to sound similar to early Idlewild since the reason Fairfoull left was because he didn't like the direction Idlewild was taking. Much to my surprise, they didn't sound anything like Idlewild. There were more of a straight forward indie guitar band (whatever the means). A few of their songs had a bit of shoegazer characteristics as well.

I've included 3 songs from the Terminal Ocean e.p.: No Tracks in the Snow, Terminal Ocean, and Emerald City, and 1 song from the follow-up e.p., The Form: Cabin Fever (<---that's the one I think is the most shoegazery).

The Runaways "The Runaways"

This is one of my favorite hard rock albums. Yes, it's hard rock. It's not glam rock. The Runaways were one of the best all-girl rock bands ever. If there were no Runaways, there would have been no Go-Gos or Bangles. You can't argue with 5 teenage girls with a shitload of angst. Both Joan Jett and Lita Ford are kick ass guitarists. Their drummer, Sandy West, just died a few weeks back. That was sad because The Runaways were her only claim to fame and all wanted was to get the band back together and play one more time.

The story of The Runaways is both a very exciting and extremely sad one. Do yourself a favor and rent/download/steal a copy of Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways. It an awesome documentary.

In the meantime, here's their first album.


cherry bomb
you drive me wild
is it day or night?
rock n roll
american nights
dead end justice

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kanye West Three Tracks from "Late Orchestration'

Late last year, Kanye West did a special invite-only performance at Abbey Road studios in the UK. The show was filmed and recorded and released in the UK as Late Orchestration but for some reason, still has not gotten a US release. It's not exactly the best performance but it's still pretty cool as he was backed by a 17-piece string section. Here are three songs from the performance (that I ripped from the DVD)--Touch The Sky, Through the Wire and Jesus Walks. The cover features a nice parody of The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover.

Autopop "Still Hanging Around"

Autopop was a band from England. I actually don't know much about them. About 10 years ago, I bought their debut 7" single and really liked it. They released a few other singles and, apparently, a full length but nothing was very good compared to this single.

Still Hanging Around is nice slice of "obscure Britpop." Like many music scenes (grunge, punk rock,etc) there were loads of bands that came out and only released a single or two and then faded into obscurity. Some of those bands are actually very good. I plan on sharing some of those "unsung hero" bands on this blog in the future. Hope somebody out there enjoys them as much as I do.

Yes, I stole the cover image off eBay.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Snug were a pop rock band from the late 90's. I bought their first single, My Girl (Keith), on a whim. It was a very punky track. They released 3 more singles before coming out with their first self-titled album. The album was filled with great power pop songs. They sounded very much like a British version of Weezer, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Like most underrated bands, they never got much fame. They quietly released their second album in the UK on their own label (although it came out in Japan beforehand) before calling it day. Their bass player, Ed Harcourt went on to a successful singer/songwriter career.

For more info, check out this FANSITE:

These two albums from Snug are just perfect pop albums. Infectious melodies with Beach Boys-esque harmonies. If you like Weezer, The Rentals, and early Ash, you will like this. I've done the deed of uploading their two albums, Snug and From Solar to Polar.


I Wonder
4 Blue Squares
My Girl (Keith)
Palm Trees
The Girl With All The Toys
Beatnik Girl
Under The Sea
Miniature Golf Carts
God Sure Don't Like Ugly
Apples & Cherries
No Gravity
You Know It Makes Sense
Ode To The Day
Keys To My Car
Beauty And The Businessman

From Solar to Polar:

It's Just A Science
False Hopes
Naked & Smiling
Everyday You Are
Into Yr Skull
Stay Inside
Running down The Gauntlet
Crocodile Got Your Arm
Everybody's Talkin' About You
In The Dark
Let Me In

ZIP File 130mb

Lush "Rupert the Bear"

Here is Lush's cover version of the theme song to the classic British cartoon show, Rupert the Bear. It was originally released on a flexidisc that was given away to their fanclub members around the same time as when the Split album was released. It was all supposed to be a joke but c'mon, Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson could sing about shit covered ice cream sundaes and it would still sound awesome.

Since the original source was from a flexidisc, the quality is a bit shabby with a few clicks and pops here and there but overall, it's a pretty good vinyl transfer. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Eazy-E "Megamix"

I'm not too big on hip hop or rap anymore but I've always been a casual NWA fan. I never took any of it seriously because everybody in the know already knew the whole thing was meant to be a joke. The whole gangsta rap thing just kind of exploded and took off from there. Anyway, this upload is of a(nother) cheesy Megamix (see Ramones post below). This time, it's of Eazy-E's greatest hits. As far as I know, it was only available on a promo CD (and possibly 12" single) that was sent out to promote his 1995 greatest hits album, Eternal E. It pretty much has bits of all his hits including the stuff he did with NWA. It's pretty much all the E that you can ask for conveniently located in one 9-minute jam.

Inner Sleeve/Televise

Both Televise and Inner Sleeve feature probably my favorite shoegazer drummer, Simon Scott. Scott initially drummed in The Charlottes and then, most notably, in Slowdive. As a drummer, Simon Scott was beyond great. He was incredible. His studio recordings with Slowdive are nothing compared to his live performances. (Go download a Slowdive bootleg if you don't believe me.)

When he left Slowdive, he went on (a few years later) to form a band called Inner Sleeve. At this point, he had switched from drums to guitar. Inner Sleeve released a few singles and a full length. By this point, most of the shoegazer bands from the early 90's had either changed their sound (Ride, Slowdive>>Mojave 3, Lush) or just completely broke up (Adorable). Inner Sleeve, however, kept the shoegazer sound alive. Unfortunately, Inner Sleeve's longevity was not to be and Simon Scott went on to be the drummer of Lowgold. Recently, Simon Scott has come back as a front band with his new band, Televise. And once again, Scott has returned to his shoegazer roots.

I've uploaded 2 songs from Inner Sleeve and 3 songs from Televise. From Inner Sleeve's, Looking Up, are Come Alive and Smile. Smile later went on to become a Televise song. From Televise's Songs to Sing in A & E, Outside Out, I Don't Know Why, and their cover of Ultra Vivid Scene's Mercy Seat. With both bands, the neo-psychedelic sound is present. As are the effects laden guitars. Both bands also show that Simon Scott is not only an awesome drummer but a great songwriter as well. Televise show a lot of potential and here's hoping that they make it to the States for a show or two!

Siggi Ármann

Siggi Ármann is a singer from Iceland. I first saw him open up for Sigur Ros during first tour in the US in 2001. I hesitate to call him a singer/songwriter because he doesn't seem to fit the traditional characteristics of that label. His music is very simple with its childlike lyrics. Most of the time, it is just Ármann singing with his guitar with very minimal keyboard or percussion accompaniment.

I've included 2 songs from each of his albums --- Lars in No Loser and One Little Cowboy from his first album, Mindscape and Big Boys Cry and Elephant Man from the follow-up album, Music for the Addicted.

Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones on 45 Megamix)"

Back in 1988, when the Ramones released their first greatest album, Ramones Mania, they released the companion single of I Wanna Be Sedated. The b-side of the reissue single was a cheesy megamix called "Ramones on 45" which mixed a bunch of Ramones songs together with I Wanna Be Sedated as the main musical background. The songs included in this megamix are Teenage Lobotomy, Rock N Roll High School, Blitzkrieg Bop, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, and Pinhead--all the hits in one convenient song! As far as I know this mix was only ever available on this single and has never been reissued anywhere. This is taken directly from the original vinyl 7" single.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mogwai "Travels in Constants" e.p.

Just before Mogwai released their third album, Rock Action, they released their volume of Temporary Residence's Travel in Constants subscription e.p. club. These tracks were recorded back in 1999. While most of the CDs were only available through Temporary Residence, Mogwai also took copies of the e.p. with them during the Rock Action Tour.

The e.p. contains two exclusive tracks (Untitled and Quiet Stereodee as well as an exclusive cover of Papa M's (aka David Pajo) Arundel.

Editors "Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam"

This is an audio rip from a limited edition concert DVD from the Dutch pressing of Editors' The Back Room. This isn't the entire show though because there were a few new songs played but I guess they didn't want to include it on the DVD. The versions of You Are Fading and Fingers in the Factories live blow away their studio counterparts.

Tracklisting is as follows:

all sparks
find yourself a safe place
you are fading
open your arms
fingers in the factories

For some strange reason, however, the audio was in mono. It's still excellent quality though. Since it's in mono, I converted it at 80kbps which is the equivalent of 160kbps. So all you so-called audiophiles, don't worry, it's still sounds very good.

This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You is a instrumental rock band from Texas. Their debut mini album, Young Moutnain, was released late last year and was reissued this past summer.

Since they were from Texas, they kept getting comparisons to Explosions in the Sky. Needless to say, I was curious. I was duly impressed with TWDY's album. I liked their mixture of the usual post rock combo of effects laden guitars and the loud/soft contrast. But I also like their use of electronic drums in their music. I've included 2 songs from the mini album, The World is Our ____ and Quiet.

Stereolab "2006 Tour Single"

For (almost) every tour they do, Stereolab presses up a limited edition tour single. Most of the time, the singles are only available on vinyl. (Although they are later collected in the 'Lab's Switch On series of compilations.) Here is a vinyl to digital transfer of the 2006 tour single, Solar Throw Away b/w Jump Drive Shut Out. Both tracks are pretty much in the same vein as the material from their last album, Fab Four Suture and could have easily fit on the album. Cool-looking cover too.

The U-Turns "The Death of Garage Rock"

Oh man, what to say about this one? This is officially my favorite record. All I can say is, "Never Mind the Shaggs, Here's The U-Turns!"

The story behind this Norton Records release is that it's an unreleased 1967 demo recording of some unknown band from Glendale (possibly, in California) doing their renditions of Love's "7 and 7 Is", The Stones' "Get Off of My Cloud", The Beatles' "I'm Down", and The Kinks' "Dedicated Follower of Fashion". This whole thing is a trainwreck. The singer is totally off key and out of sync with the music. The drummer can barely keep a beat. It's fucking hilarious. My two favorite parts are where you can clearly hear the singer telling the band during the Stones song, "Come on, louder!" and then yelling at the drummer at the end of the Beatles' cover, "Yo stop! Hey!" And then somebody else yelling, "Why didn't you tell him?!?!" This thing is really a gem because it's so awful. Take a listen to this diasterpiece.

The U-Turns "The Death of Garage Rock"

The Charlottes

The Charlottes were a "proto-shoegazer" band. They featured Simon Scott (ex-Slowdive and currently in Televise--who I will post some tunes from at a later time) on drums. Their sound was very much in vein of early My Bloody Valentine (pre-Isn't Anything). The Charlottes only released 2 albums and a handful of singles before calling it quits. They were on the verge of a US tour when they broke up, which is sad. But then again, had they not have broken up, Simon would have not joined Slowdive.

These three songs are my favorites of their recorded output. Are You Happy Now? is very poppy. Sort of C86 on speed. And if Are You Happy Now is C86 on speed, then the pop punkiness of Stubborn is C86 on speed and an adrenaline rush. While Liar is a nice taster of things to come from the still brewing shoegazer scene.

The Charlottes "3 Songs" (in a ZIP file)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

:(/data Panik "Split 7" Single"

This is a split single from :( (aka colonopenbracket) and data Panik. This was released earlier this year on Must Destroy Records.

:( play what they have labeled "emoticore." It looks just how it sounds. And it sounds like videogame music. Sure it's a bit of a novelty and may not have longevity. But it's pop music. And it's good. Think of the Super Mario Bros. theme song gone indie.
Twin Chevron Action Flash is the musical equivalent to a megamushroom.

data Panik featured the original members of legendary indie pop band, Bis. dP were more mature sounding and less lo-fi than its predecessor as evidenced on their side of this single, Control the Radical. Sadly, however, after a year of constant touring, their efforts went unrewarded and they split at the end of August this year. dP R.I.P.

:( "Twin Chevron Action Flash"

data Panik "Control the Radical"

Airiel "3 Tracks"

Carrying on with the shoegazerness, here is one of my favorite "nu-gaze" bands, Airiel. I found out about them indirectly by way of an old high school friend who actually sang on one of their e.p.'s. I've included (in a ZIP file) three of my favorite songs. Airtight Angels which is from their Crackled e.p. Cinnamon which is from their self-titled e.p. (pictured here). And Peoria is from a various artist vinyl compilation on High Wheel Records called Welcome to the Future.

I like how Airiel released a handful of e.p.'s before they released their (still forthcoming) first album. It's very much in the tradition of Lush, Ride, Curve, and other classic shoegazer bands who also released a ton of e.p.'s before they came out with a full length. Airiel have definitely got the sound--loud washes of effects laden guitars, drowned in the mix vocals, etc. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out if you haven't already.

Airiel "3 Songs"

Ride "Motorcycle Ride: Blondie Covers"

Another upload from a classic shoegazer band, Ride. This single was originally released in 1989 as a freebie cassette before the band had released anything proper on Creation Records. They gave it away at a private party where they played a bunch of Blondie covers with Alex (from a band called Motorcyle Boy--hence the name of the single). It was then (semi-)bootlegged in 1993 on a 7" single (from whence these transfers were made). I think they are pretty good covers. It sort of reminds me of The Charlottes.

Union City Blue

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mono "Halcyon (Beautiful Days)"

Following on from the Fightstar upload, here is the band and song that I think was a direct influence on Fightstar's Mono. This is taken from Mono's third album Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky.... It was the first Mono album that I had bought after having heard so much about them on different "post rock" message boards. At first, I was put off by their similarities to Mogwai but I started to appreciate them after seeing them play a few times.

The thing I love about this song is the total contrast from the quiet part to the loud climactic part. Up until hearing this song, I felt Mogwai had the best example of this contrast with their songs Summer and live versions of their song Mogwai Fear Satan. But after hearing Mono, I feel this Japanese post rock quartet perfected it. Take a listen if you don't believe me.

Mono Halcyon (Beautiful Days)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fightstar "Mono"

Fightstar is primarily a hard rock band. However, one of their singers, Charlie Simpson, is a big fan of post rock. There hasn't been any confirmation about this song but I'm inclined to think that it is a tribute to the Japanese post rock band, Mono. It starts off really quiet and slowly builds up. The climactic part is clearly an homage to Mono. From the uber-loud chords to the usual "tremelo picking" on the final melody. Apart from the vocals, it's almost atypical post-rock. And it's very reminiscent of Mono's Halcyon (Beautiful Days). I wouldn't be surprised if the Mono song was a direct incluence on the Fightstar song because the opening chords are very similar. And Mono's Halcyon was released around the same time as this song was being recorded. (This is all speculation, of course.)

For the most part, Fightstar is lumped into the new hard rock/metal group of bands with bands like Funeral for a Friend and Lostprophets. But this song is a little different from that usual sound.

Fightstar "Mono"

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ride "Eight Miles High"

Here is a cover by shoegazing legends, Ride. It's their cover of The Byrds' Eight Miles High. It was originally released on a UK compilation called Through The Looking Glass: 1966 released by Imaginary Records, which featured a bunch of small UK bands cover songs from 1966. Ride was the only band that was of any worth on the comp.

The funny thing about this cover version is that it must have been hastily done because there's an entire verse missing from the original. There's an interview with Andy Bell somewhere where he mentions that they were aware of it too. At some point, I'll get to posting some of Ride's other covers including their cover of The Velvet Underground's European Son.

Eight Miles High

New Bomb Turks/The Devil Dogs "Split 7" Single"

Today's upload is the split 7" single from New York rock 'n' roll band, The Devil Dogs and Ohio's New Bomb Turks. In a not surprising move, the split sees each band covering each other's songs.

The Dogs do a scorching rendition of the Turks' Tattooed Apathetic Boys which, in my opinion, blows the original away.

The New Bomb Turks compete with Andy G and the boys with their "medley" of Devil Dogs tunes. If you're old enough to remember those Stars on '45' medleys from the 80s, you get the joke with the handclaps throughout the song. If you don't remember, then don't worry about it and just rock out.

These two bands really changed my mind about the energy of music vs. the quality of music. A song does not have to have professional grade production quality to be a good song. A lot of garage rock songs are recorded in shitty lo-fi and they are just as good (if not better) than anything on the radio today. The Devil Dogs and New Bomb Turks always had lo-fi recordings on their albums/singles and they tear it apart.

This is what rock 'n' roll is about. Some call it punk rock. Some call it garage rock. Whatever you call it, you have to get off your ass and dance when you hear these two bands. Check out the Turks' first album Destroy Oh-Boy! and the Devil Dogs penultimate album Saturday Night Fever for more proof of their greatness.

The Devil Dogs "Tattooed Apathetic Boys"
New Bomb Turks "Dogs on '45'"

(both songs in a zip file)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tom Jones "Lookin' Out My Window"

And speaking of Tom Jones... Here's a rare single from the Welshman himself. It's called Lookin' Out My Window. I first heard it on the mix CD by DJ Andy Smith's (Portishead's DJ), The Document. I decided to track an original copy of said 1968 single.

It's a classic track that, apparently, tons of DJs and turntablists love to use because of its cool break beat fills. The song is basically Tom Jones doing a James Brown. And it kicks ass. Here it is, transferred from the original vinyl:

My Bloody Valentine "Isn't Anything" Bonus 7" Single

Welcome to my music blog. I have a regular blog on Live Journal that I periodically uploaded music on but I wanted to have a specific blog for music. So here it is. I plan on uploading whatever I feel like it. I'm not saying that I'm so cool that I have a super wide range of musical interests (because, in fact, I really don't) but don't be surprised if something like a Tom Jones song is uploaded or something.

For my inaugural upload, I've decided to put up a vinyl transfer of the bonus 7" single from My Bloody Valentine's Isn't Anything album. The bonus single was free with initial copies of the album and was super limited. I recently won a copy of it on eBay (which was the only time I had ever seen a first pressing of the LP). So without further adue here it is:

Side A: Instrumental
Side B: Instrumental 2