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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Various Artists/Jimmy Eat World - Back From the Dead Motherfucker

This is a 1995 compilation that features a bunch of local bands from Arizona. Among these bands was Jimmy Eat World, who contributed Carbon Scoring. Other bands include Carrier (which featured future JEW bass player, Rick Burch) and Schon Theory (which featured JEW's Jim Adkins). I recently got a hold of this on eBay. The JEW song is no longer exclusive to this comp as it was released on their "Singles" collection (albeit in remastered form). But this still has some pretty cool alt-rock bands from AZ. The Schon Theory song actually sounds very much like JEW (think Digits from Static Prevails)

Disarm - Temper Tantrum
Fun Lips - Aquanaut Drinks Coffee
Fixative - Hupscratch
Destination - Spaceman Spiff
So Long - Pine Wyatt
Planning Steps - Carrier
Confession - Lyburnium
Baby Fingers - Schon Theory
Pacing - Safehouse
Carbon Scoring - Jimmy Eat World
That - Haskel
Not Fooling Anyone - Plinko
Sigrafter - Ryan Kennedy
Burn Tempe to the Ground - Horace Pinker
I'll Give You $5 To Eat Your Own Hand - Drew
Bossanova - 4 Da Masses

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